A Cup of Cheer – Buttered Hot Cocoa

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and for as far back as I can remember our winters have always been unpredictable in precipitation, length, and arrival. However, one thing has always remained a constant and that is the biting cold once it was underway.  When we were kids in the early 90’s we didn’t sit inside our heated homes when it snowed like kids do today. Instead the arrival of snow brought with it joy and wonder at the thought of Snow Angels, Building Snowmen, Igloo’s, and most importantly Sledding!  My sisters and I would go to a hill down the street from our house and sled for hours, coming home only when we were soaked through our snow suits and bordering on hypothermia.  When we would walk in the door and strip out of our snow suits and wet clothes we would warm ourselves by the fireplace and have a cup of hot cocoa to warm us!

As an adult now whenever it starts to get cold enough to give this hot blooded mama a chill, I make myself a cup of cocoa and I am instantly thrown back in time to a nostalgic state of euphoria.  Now, although I still adore my Swiss Miss Classic Hot Cocoa, as a mom, I wanted to be able to control what I put into my body – and when she is old enough, that of my daughters- Therefore, I sought out a more natural recipe for cocoa.


This Recipe is just delicious.  I use whole milk and heat about 2 cups in a small sauce pan.  I heat it over medium heat because if you heat it too fast the milk will burn and it changes the flavor of the cocoa. I heat it until it steams, never boil the milk.

While the milk is heating, I add the remaining ingredients to my blender. I use around 2T of Unsweetened Raw Cocoa Powder, 2-3T of Raw Honey (depending on how sweet you’d like it), 1tsp of Pure Vanilla Extract, and depending on your personal preference, 1tsp-1T of butter.

Next I add my milk and pulse it a few times until all of the ingredients are mixed and there is a nice froth on top. I like to serve mine in a candy rimmed mason jar, but any mug will do!

To candy rim your jar or mug: Melt about 1/4 cup of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips in the microwave 15 seconds at a time until melted, stirring in between.  Once the chocolate is melted dip the rim of your cup into the chocolate, coating the whole rim. Once the rim is coated in chocolate, dip the rim in your favorite candy, sprinkles, crushed peppermints, rice cereal, whatever you choose. Carefully pour your finished cocoa and enjoy!


Cup of Cheer – Hot Cocoa

This is a great recipe that lets you control how sweet you want your cocoa!


2 cups       Organic Milk

2 T              Unsweetened Raw   Cocoa Powder

1 tsp          Pure Organic Vanilla Extract

2-3 T         Organic Raw Honey

1 tsp          Butter


  1. Heat Milk in a small saucepan stirring over medium heat. Refrain from heating the milk too fast or you will burn it and it won’t taste good. – Do Not Boil
  2. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a blender while the milk heats.
  3. Once the milk is at your desired temperature add it to the blender and pulse it a few times until all of the ingredients are well combined and the butter has added a nice froth.

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